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A small change doesn't seem like much, but many small changes made by many people add up to a large positive effect. For more changes you can make today read our article,
Simple Ways to Stop Global Warming.

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Global Warming

What Exactly Is Global Warming?

In simple terms, global warming refers to an overabundance of carbon dioxide, methane and ozone in our atmosphere. These gases and a few other atmospheric components are known as greenhouse gases. These gases trap heat and act like a blanket warming the earth. Some greenhouse gases occur naturally or at lower concentrations than currently observed and measured. Human activities contribute to the excess amounts of greenhouse gases present in our atmosphere and are expediting their dangerous effects on our environment.

  • The emissions from the cars we drive

  • The pollution emitted from factories used to make everyday items

  • The power plants that produce non-renewable electricity for our every day lives

  • The massive landfills overflowing with our garbage

  • The conversion of forest land into pasture, urban or wasteland areas

All of these things that we rely on and typically take for granted are making the earth a less friendly environment for us... for our children.

Global Warming is not a question of if, but when? How long will it take for the effects of the excess carbon and other greenhouse gases to change the world we know today into something we wouldn't recognize? It is happening now and our actions today have an enormous effect on the answer to that question. Every decision, every purchase, every action you make will either help or hurt the future of life on our planet.

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Drowning Polar Bears

Do you want to HELP or HURT?

I can only assume that if you are reading this you want to HELP stop global warming. And I am going to give you some simple ways to help stop global warming. A few small changes today can be the difference between a healthy or unhealthy planet for our children and grandchildren.

Earth Apples

Make Eco-Friendly Purchases

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